How to judge a really strong bearing


As an industrial grain, bearings have been used since ancient times. They have been used in today's society. There are more types, higher precision, and more and more craftsmanship and quality. However, many factory masters still have difficulty judging whether they are good quality bearings. Even if you don't pay attention to the installation, you will damage these bearings and finally get a bad quality hat. Today we will talk about some problems with the bearings!

First of all, let's take a look at some current trends in domestic bearings. Bearings are mainly divided into: domestic bearings, imported bearings, and mountain bearings. These three major categories, the main domestic high-end manufacturers and factories are monopolized by foreign bearings. And in the low-end market of 30% of domestic basic control, in terms of price, a foreign commodity can buy 3 to 10 domestically, and the cottage products do not say that the money is made, which disturbs the order of the whole market, of course. In doing so, you make money, and it is miserable for the people.

Many people do not really understand the foreign bearings: mainly divided into original imported bearings, the premise must have customs declarations and certificates of origin, domestic processing products, bearing foreigners, may be polished domestic factories, The most heat treatment and other parts are the products of self-purchasing and assembly, and the other is to avoid buying a fake bearing for the sake of cheap. It is really a loss of the wife and the soldiers, especially when the bearing is installed, remember to choose the right one. Bearings, don't wear them and hit them with a hammer. It's easy to smash the cage and the outer ring. Tell everyone a few small methods. The first one is to use lubricant to lubricate while turning in. The second method is sanding paper grinding. You can easily fit in it, remember to be gentle on the bearings!

The most important bearing is steel and heat treatment. Because the domestic bearing steel can't completely remove the impurities during the training, there is still a certain difference in the quality of the foreign steel, and the second is the single shot when the process is polished. It's really good, but when it is polished in batches, because there is no way to be precise in terms of equipment wear and tear, the heat treatment is always the object we have to learn. Good bearings can only be seen by their own experience.